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Community Access and mentoring

"Successful people never give up and hate to lose. People who are afraid to lose never try."

"Things don't happen to me, they happen for me." - Tony Robbins

  • The provision of accessible public or community transport for people with disability can reduce the need for them to use taxis and the associated costs of taxi vouchers.

  • The design of shopping centres, accessible to public or community transport, enables people with disability who can use public transport to be independent and shop for themselves. They don't have to rely on others to shop on their behalf.

  • The provision of orientation and mobility services for people with moderate levels of vision impairment can reduce the likelihood of them falling or having accidents, leading to further disability or impairment.

  • Support for people with disability and carers is also likely to have economic benefits, increasing participation in the workforce.

  • The community as a whole benefits from inclusive arrangements, not just people with disability. In the broadest sense, inclusion can enhance Australia's social capital, engaging more people in their community and better reflecting community diversity.

  • It creates better networks among people and breaks down stereotypes. It can promote economic and social participation.

Andrew's Fitness Journey

Andrew has lost 33kgs through his dedication to his new health and fitness lifestyle. 

Slow and sustainable weight loss has been our goal. Andrew attends gym twice a week and undertakes a fitness regiment consisting of; weight lifting, bike rides, bush walks, pilates, yoga, pump class and anything else active that we can think of.

Andrew has adopted a diet focused around fruit and vegetables. He has a smoothie twice daily that contains some of the following choices: kale, spinach, berries, banana, carrot, pear and protein. For his other meals throughout the day he has been very focused on eating 'clean and healthy' choices such as skinless chicken breast, lean fish like salmon or tuna and salads on the side. 

The dedication and commitment Andrew has shown over the 4 years we have worked together has completely transformed his life. He loves the choices he makes and because he values this lifestyle change it has been sustainable and therefore allowed such tremendous progress. 

Ryan has a background as a PE/Health teacher and is a qualified personal trainer (cert 3 & 4 in fitness). 

Ryan Pearce

Support Worker

Pictured Above

Coaching his Vermont Vultures team

Taking him & his mate to Mullum Mullum on School holidays

NBL games

Out for lunch

Sugarloaf Dam with our RC boats

Having a feed after hard streetball action

RC boats at Ringwood lake

Home cooking during lockdown for school

Eshay dress up day - we hit the streets!

3street basketball

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Ryan has a selfless and caring attitude to help others. He has become entrenched in Andreas' life to the point where he now coaches Andreas' basketball team and each have become part of one another's family. All in the space of a year, it is amazing to see the growth from Andreas and how much his confidence and independence have developed. 

"I really value the impact I can have on others and how working with Andreas and his beautiful family have given me such an amazing internal reward. It's been a pleasure to be able to impart positive behaviours and attitudes on someone and I have developed many meaningful life long relationships over the course of such a short time frame. I can't wait to see what the future holds, for both of us."

Ryan - Support worker, mentor and friend.


Support Worker Testimony

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet Matt and his family, to help out by picking Matt up from work a couple of times a week. 


In our time each week I take him to his weekly physio appointment and to his basketball game at the local stadium, where he plays with his mates. 


We look forward to our time together each week. Matts first question each week when we meet is “ What’s going on in life? “ we love to update each other on our week and what’s been happening. 


Matt’s a very ambitious, happy and caring individual. He draws happiness out of everyone he interacts with. 


We talk endlessly about all the different professions he would like to have a go at in the future and the path required to achieve this. 


He tells me about all he looks forward to in life and asks me for advice with all different life scenarios. I really enjoy being able to share my life learnings with him and help him navigate his paths with his own day to day life. 


I have been lucky enough to take Matt out for what we call “ Our Adventures “. We have been on a day trip to Phillip Island, where we went on a helicopter ride around the island. We have also been on a day trip to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. I was  also invited to recently attend Matt’s birthday celebrations at the local bowling alley with his sister and his friends. Getting to see him celebrating his special occasion, which we had been speaking about and looking forward to for weeks was very special. 


We have had a great time on our adventures and still talk about our experience’s and memories made to this day! 


Having a basketball background I try help Matt out with his game. However he doesn’t need much assistance as he’s a great player and comes from a basketball family. He looks forward to getting out on the court with his mates each week. Seeing him interact with his best mate Levi is very special. They have a great connection and enjoy being in each others company and really lookout for each other. 


A great memory occurred recently when Matt had his visiting Grandmother come along and watch. Matt decided to pull up and shoot from distance, which is not a play he would usually attempt and the ball hit nothing but the bottom of the net. I asked if he was putting on a show for his Grandma and he said he sure was! 


I highly recommend anyone considering taking up support work to do so. It brings so much enjoyment to your life and the people you get to meet and care for. 


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